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Find inspiration for your next holiday or group getaway. From Bali and Buenos Aires to Vienna and Vancouver, lose yourself in our travel destination guides.

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Weddings and Honeymoons

If you’ve already picked your destination wedding or honeymoon location, trust Uniglobe360 to take care of group travel and accommodation details. Still undecided? We can help you say “I do” to the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination your guests will remember forever.  

Holidays of a Lifetime

Let us help you make your next Holiday or celebration an unforgettable experience. Our leisure travel experts can help you plan and organize your next family trip from start to finish.

Group Travel

Organizing a special trip or getaway with a group of friends? We can help you decide where to go and stay on budget with preferred hotel rates, ground transportation and airfares. We can also manage group communication to keep everyone informed along the way.


Our travel professionals have access to the industry’s best cruise deals. Uniglobe’s cruising database includes hundreds of ships and thousands of worldwide destinations. From budget to luxury, a weekend  rendezvous or 90-day excursion, we’ll help make your next cruise unforgettable! 

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